About us

Nestled within Amsterdam's vibrant Jordaan district, this exceptional establishment.boasts a culinary heritage dating back to the 1930s. Originating as a quintessential Jordanese tavern, it has gracefully evolved from a jazz café into a charming bistro,eventually blossoming into the esteemed fine dining haven known as Daalder*. The name "Gossler & Florin," a tribute to historical coins, pays homage to its predecessor, "Daalder", an antique coin of significance.

This homage to the past is precisely what a neo-brasserie like Gossler & Florin seeks to achieve. Our chefs draw inspiration from cherished international classics, adeptly infusing them with a contemporary twist through modern culinary techniques and innovative, creative approaches.

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At Gossler & Florin, Chef Nigel Eccles brings to life a dream fueled by his profound love for exceptional dining experiences. With years of Michelin-starred kitchen experience, Eccles blends classical dishes with modern twists in a laid-back setting. Gone are formalities; here, patrons enjoy high-end cuisine without fuss. It's culinary innovation meets relaxed elegance under Eccles' expert guidance.Bon Appétite!


The showcased wine list is nothing short of impressive, as at Gossler & Florin,wines hold as prominent a role as the dishes themselves. The inviting and cozy ambiance entices guests to savor more than just culinary delights. Their patrons can also drop in for a classic cocktail, such as the Negroni or an Old Fashioned. While these may be classics, the same holds true for these cocktail evergreens: timeless yet infused with a contemporary twist. Raise your glass to the perfect blend of tradition and innovation!

Come quickly, the table is set for an unforgettable feast!


Gossler & Florin is an ideal choice for group dinners. We have a spacious semi-private area that can accommodate up to 20 people; ideal for corporate goodbye parties, wedding dinners and graduation dinners. Additionally, our entire venue can be rented for events such as group dinners, corporate parties, work-related dinners, or wedding receptions..

For a more intimate private dinner experience, our upstairs private dining area can host up to 10 people and offers the exclusivity of a private chef and dedicated service. For pricing and more information, please contact us!


At Gossler & Florin, we prize passion and dedication. We're always seeking individuals eager to elevate the dining experience. Join us, and be part of a team where culinary artistry meets professional growth. Contact us through jobs@brasseriegf.com.


Spread joy and delight with a Gossler&Florin gift card! Choose the perfect day for that special someone to receive a delightful surprise in their mailbox.

Planning to use the gift card for a reservation yourself? Simply book a table online and enter the voucher details you received. Kindly note that while the gift card may not cover the entire amount spent at Gossler&Florin, the designated amount will be automatically deducted from the total bill at the end of the evening.

The gift card is valid for redemption within 1 year from the date of purchase.